Questions to Ask Your Retirement Advisor

You may not know what to expect when meeting with a financial advisor for the first time. What do your finances say about you? Will you be able to put enough money away for retirement? How do you know which strategy is best for you?

We understand how difficult the process is. This is why you should have a list of questions prepared to ask your retirement advisor in your very first meeting.

Don’t have list? Not sure what to ask? That’s ok! We’ve come up with a few questions you should be asking.

Question 1 – What Are Your Certifications?

This is an important one. Although many advisors claim they’re certified, it’s important to know if they are a fiduciary. This is the person who is legally bound to work in the best interest of his/her client. Unlike someone who may just recommend a “suitable” product, the fiduciary must steer you in the direction – or else.

Question 2 – How Do You Get Paid?

Again, another important question. Does the advisor get paid on a commissions basis or is there a fee-only structure? They may charge a percentage of your assets (usually 1 percent) or a flat fee or an hourly rate. You want to make sure the advisor is paid by fee-only – this tells you they’re more interested in getting your finances right than selling you something.

Question 3 – How Much Will This Cost?

Not only will you be paying for your advisor, but you’ll also be paying other fees. It’s important to know what your up-front costs are going to be. This includes any taxes you may be facing. Without knowing how much money you’ll spend in fees, you will soon see your savings dwindle away without knowing where it’s going!

Question 4 – What Services Do You Provide?

Maybe you don’t want just a retirement plan. Maybe you want to get out of debt or you want to start a business. Whatever the case may be, it’s beneficial to know what services your financial advisor has available. Remember, this person will be making tough choices about your wealth so they should know how to handle the big picture.

Question 5 – What’s Your Investment Philosophy?

You don’t want an advisor who is ready to risk your savings on a single stock or a shaky investment. You want to make sure they have a philosophy that is similar to your own. That way you’ll know your finances are in good hands.

Questions 6 – How Much Access Do I Have To You?

Will you only get a phone call once a year about your plan? Or will you be able to meet on a regular schedule? Will your advisor be available for a phone call and emails outside of scheduled appointments? Remember, this is the person who will be handling your future so you want to have access to them!

Question 7 – How Will You Measure My Investment Performance?

Every financial advisor should have benchmarks set that relate to what you invested in. And if they don’t, they should have an explanation. And once that benchmark is hit, is there another one after it.

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